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Paperless employee onboarding into Intuit Payroll, G Suite, Office 365 and more.

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Throw away the paperwork.

Capture staff details securely, one time, then automate their onboarding into all company SaaS tools.

Your Staff

Invite employees to fill out their start paperwork online or on their phone, including  Dept. of Homeland Security I-9 form and IRS W-4 forms.

Your Software

Provision accounts with one click to all your SaaS software tools, then manage from a single dashboard.

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A bit more about us.

Ask any HR/IT Manager or SMB Owner what their most annoying job is and they will tell you:

"I hate setting up new employees in all our software systems!"

We set out to solve that problem by creating a system that accurately captures all onboarding information from new team members, and then provides complete control to add them to whichever apps your company uses.

We also make it easy for new or temporary staff to fill out their mandatory federal, state and local paperwork and digitally sign each document. These documents are then safely stored for you to access anytime.

StaffKeep is headquartered in NYC.

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